Tours and Talks

Book your Bee Talk or your Beekeeper Experience (tour of a hive).

Bee talks are done with an observation hive so you can see the workings of a live hive without the fear of getting stung. The talks are done at our farm or at a group location. The talk takes about 30 - 45 min and finishes with answering questions. Although we love to have children present during our talks, it is best if they are 5 years or older. It is a lot to ask a child younger than 5 to sit still during the duration of the talk. If the talk is done at our farm, after the talk you can shop our store and sample honey if you so desire. Bee talks are $8/pp. Groups of 15 or more can ask for a group rate. Talks can include up to 25 people. Call or text (610-401-8317) to book a date and ask about our group rate. You will be required to put 50% down to hold your date, this is non-refundable if you cancel or not show.

Beekeeper Experience is done at our farm only. We suit you up and take you into a live hive. We explain what we look for when we inspect a hive and talk about the amazing honey bee. If this sounds like an adventure for you call or text (610-401-8317) to book your beekeeper experience. The experience is $12/pp and we can only accept 6 people or less. The experience is roughly 1 hour, we take our time to answer your questions and to give you the best experience. If we go longer than an hour it's because we are so passionate about our bees that we can't stop talking or you're enjoyed yourself so much and didn't want to stop beekeeping. You must be 8 yrs old or older to attend this experience. You will be required to put 50% down to hold your date, this is non-refundable if you cancel or don't show.

If you plan on booking a beekeeper experience here are things you need know:

  • Wear pants (preferably not black) no shorts.
  • Closed toe shoes, boots or sneakers.
  • Socks over the ankles.
  • Bring water to stay hydrated.

For our tours, talks, & experiences please respect our farm and everyone on it (animals & humans). Do not wander around our farm without a guide and stay with your group. No screaming/yelling, especially around the bees. No swatting at the bees. Our bees just want to do their thing and not bother anyone. We have the right to cancel if someone is not following the rules and there will be no refund of money.