Where can I purchase your honey?
There are several places for a complete list check out our "Where to Find Us" page.
Is your honey raw?
Yes, all of our honey is raw. It never pasteurized, when extracted, our honey is run through a stainless steel screen to separate the honey and any large particles of wax and bees but this does not remove pollen.
What is Comb Honey or Cut Comb?
Comb Honey and Cut Comb is a piece of beeswax honey taken right from the hive. This is honey in its most natural state. It is taken from the hive in about 4" square pieces and placed into a container. Some people like to cut pieces out and spread on toast other will eat with a spoon right from the container. The wax comb is edible.
What is elderberry Syrup and what are the benefits?
*Elderberries have an incredibly high antioxidant level. Researchers say that antioxidants are a key component in boosting the immune system to fight infection and chronic diseases, helping us get in front of diseases before traditional medical intervention is needed. This coupled with raw honey helps boost the immune system.
How do I store my elderberry syrup and how long will it last?
Since our elderberry is all natural it must be kept refrigerated at 35 - 40 degrees or you can freeze it in ice cube trays to use in smaller quantities. Our elderberry syrup is best used in 30 - 60 days.
What is in your elderberry syrup?
Our elderberry syrup is made with three ingredients. Filtered water, organic locally grown elderberries, and our local raw honey.
What size elderberry syrup should I buy for my family?
Here is a quick reference to how much elderberry syrup we suggest based on your family size.
  • One Adult - 16oz
  • Two Adults - 32oz
  • One Child - 16oz
  • One Adult, One Child - 32oz
  • Two Adults, One Child - 32oz and 16oz
  • Two Adults, Two Children - 32oz and 16oz
The suggested quantities are based on each family member taking their suggested serving of elderberry syrup once daily and to allow the family to use up that quantity in the 30-60-day shelf life.
We always recommend consulting your physician. Some people use elderberry syrup year-round; some use it only during the colder months and others only when seeking to support their immune system. We recommend do your research, ask your doctor and use our syrup how it best fits you and your family's needs.
*The statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.