About Us

Welcome to the Funny Farm


We strive to do everything as natural as possible to provide the best life for our honey bees and to offer you the best all natural product we can.

Funny Farm Apiaries is a small apiary located in the beautiful mountains of Berks County Pennsylvania.  Just minutes from Reading or Allentown but far enough to make you feel like you're a lifetime away.

We have over 30 hives scattered over Berks county.  Our beautiful property is the home of many wonderful hard working bee hives, a beautiful dogs, 3 crazy goats, over 20 silly chickens & a few turkeys from time to time.

Our honey is extracted here on site.  It is always raw and unpasteurized. When extracted, our honey is run through a stainless steel screen to separate the honey and any large particles of wax and bees but this does not remove pollen. Our honey is a pure and wholesome product full of natures beneficial pollens, wax, propolis, minerals, and enzymes.

This is natures finest natural sweetener available. Stop by and taste the goodness!

Things We Provide


We offer many additional products from the hive such as beeswax, bee pollen, and Propolis. Cut comb honey squares, raw unstrained / unfiltered honey, creamed honey, and naturally flavored honey.  Also, fresh chicken eggs are also available for your favorite recipes.

We also provide Hot Wax Dipping for new Beehives. For more information see our Wax Dipping Beehives Page.

Honey bee swarm extraction.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


 Our honey is sold on the farm as well as farm markets and retail locations with 100% customer satisfaction.  

Meet the Staff



 Hi, I'm Wendy. I am the owner of Funny Farm Apiaries.  I am afraid of bees and freak out everytime I see one.  Well, that was me a couple years ago.  Never in a million years would I have thought I would be running my own business let alone a business that had to do with bees. But, life takes you on amazing paths sometimes.

In 2014, I lost my job and was having trouble finding something.  My husband was working extra hours and had very little time to take care of his bees. I was afraid of bees and wouldn't go near them but, I was also afraid we were going lose them. So one day I figured I better put my "big girl pants" on and help out.

One night at dinner I made the announcement that I was going to help with the bees.  I almost thought Mark was going to choke on his food. He looked at me and said "who are you and what did you do with my wife?" Well, he bought me a beekeeping suit and I said "Oh my gosh this is for real". Still nervous, he took me into a hive and from then on I was hooked.  These little creatures are absolutely amazing I couldn't tear myself away. I was amazed by the wax they built and how perfect each little cell is. The way they work together and all get along. Everything they do, they do for the survival of the hive. They all know what their jobs are and work together to do what needs to be done.  I am amazed and completely hooked and have been beekeeping ever since.

In 2016, I decided to start Funny Farm Apiaries, LLC and sell our honey at a couple local retail shops and farm markets. We decided that we would work on building a small business so we had something when we retired. We will both worked full-time jobs but increased the amount of hives we had and sold more honey. By the end of 2017 my contract ended for my job yet again.  I continued to build the business while looking for another job.

In January 2018 I was turned down for a position I had applied for and was hoping to get. I decided to work harder at  building the business. I picked up more retail customers, events, and set small goals for myself every week. One day I received a call about the job I had been turned down for.  They wanted to offer me the position.  I struggled with what to do. I was so happy running the business and had worked so hard over the past several months building it up. I was happy every morning to start work. So, I took a leap of faith and turned the position down. I just couldn't imagine going back to an office job when I loved being outside working bees, attending events, teaching people about honey bees and selling honey.

I have never regretted my decision I absolutely love what I do. I work long hours and I work hard and during the active beekeeping season longer and harder, lol.  I am so passionate about bees and everything that goes along with them that it doesn't even bother me when I get stung.